Aqua Grabber: Soda Seas Rare Treasure

This is how to find the rare treasure on level 2 (Soda Seas) of Aqua Grabber (located at the ice berg).

Okay first, you have to get the two barrels of cream soda: one is at the ocean floor, and one you will find if you just go straight down (use your arrow keys to move).

Bring them to the net.

Get the next one, located between the starfish.

Bring it to the net.

Now there are two ways you can do this:

1. Go down below the starfishes to where the next barrel is.  See the mullet fish?  He’s your ticket to getting to the treasure.  I call this the lazy way.  What you are going to do is bust your way past him!  It takes practice… A LOT of practice…

Okay that’s way #1.  I’ll explain what to do once you’re in the cave after I show you way #2.

This way is difficult.  Don’t go up to the mullet fish, instead bring the barrel of soda to the net.  Now go into the next area with the barrel:

See in the top left corner of the cave (not shown in the picture above) the weird, bumpy rock?  Hit that spot with you’re submarine.  A worm should come out–CATCH IT!

Now catch the yellow (and annoying) ‘fluffy’ fish.  You know, the one that’s always hitting your ship?

Now feed it to Mullet, catch Mullet, and let him go–he will be gone and out of your way. Now go through the passage and go down, down, down, until you see a crab carrying gold (GOLD!) into his little cave.

DO NOT under any circumstances take any of his gold.  You won’t get the rare treasure if you do take some.

You can breath by the geyser on the top of the cave.

When the crab is finished putting gold away, he will give you the rare treasure!

Peace out!!!!!


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